Timing of Amidu’s resignation politically unwise, says Gyampo

University of Ghana Senior Lecturer, Prof. Ransford Gyampo, says Martin Amidu acted in bad faith looking at the timing of his resignation

Prof. Ransford Gyampo, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Ghana, has described Martin Amidu’s resignation as “politically unwise” and ill-timed with barely two weeks to the 7 December elections.

“He is a very wise person that I know, but I think the timing for his resignation was politically unwise, someone has honoured you by giving you this appointment, even if you want to resign, not a few days to election,” Prof. Gyampo told host of Asaase Breakfast Show, Kojo Mensah, on Friday, 20 November 2020.

Prof. Gyampo added: “It creates a certain impression that maybe you were out there to ditch them, it may not be so, it may be as a result of your own principle so I thought he could have restrained himself a little.”

According to him, the action of the Special Prosecutor could shut the door to all future cross-party political appointments in the country.

“In my view I think his commitment to fighting corruption beyond writing epistles is quite questionable per what he has done. He has shut the door to all future cross-party appointments in a manner that will keep perpetuating the winner take all politics,” he observed.

Acting in bad faith

Prof. Gyampo concluded that Amidu acted in bad faith.

“Generally, I believe using the excuses he gave as the basis in my view wasn’t appropriate. He should have resigned, he should have held on to fight as a man of conviction, why do you wait to leave the scene before chronicling all these things? I am sure you would have won a lot of sympathy from Ghanaians whiles chronicling this issue in office prior to his resignation,” he said.

Resigning on Monday (16 November), Amidu occupied the Special Prosecutor position for close to three years.

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