How to Access and Enjoy the New Vodafone 4G Network in Ghana

The wait is finally over as Vodafone Ghana, one of Ghana’s biggest telecommunication network on March 19, 2019 rolled out its latest high-speed 4G network services for its customers.

Vodafone Ghana earlier promised to roll out the 4G network in April but at a press conference last week the CEO, Yolanda Cuba, announced that the deployment will be on March 19 2019 because there had been massive support from the technical team so they were able to fast-track the operations of the 4G services.

She said the company has got more than 200 cell sites across the country to enable its customers to have access to the 4G service.

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A cell site refers to the antenna equipment and ground equipment that is used to transmit cell phone signals to and from the mobile phone back to the receiver.

Ms Cuba said 4G internet service has become a necessity in the current dispensation, saying “4G at this stage in 2019 is a necessity in any country. It will give our customers superior experience and that is what we are focusing on.”

She noted that the introduction of the 4G service forms part of Vodafone-Ghana’s drive to ensure that its customers have better internet services.

She explained that currently, a little over one million smartphones in Ghana are 4G enabled and added that many of the phones in Ghana were 3G enabled.

How do I enjoy Vodafone 4G service?

To able to enjoy the 4G service you can check your phone and SIM card if they have support for the 4G service.

How to check if your SIM card and phone can support Vodafone’s 4G network

To know if your SIM card and phone are eligible to access Vodafone’s 4G network, follow the steps below.

  1. Dial *700# via your Vodafone SIM card and phone you’re checking for.
  2. Select the option 6 (Check 4G status).
  3. Then select the option 1 (Check 4G phone & SIM Readiness).
  4. A prompt will be sent to you giving you information about your SIM card and phone. The message will tell you if you can access the 4G network or not.

On the other hand, you can just dial *700*6*1# to instantly get the information about your SIM card and phone.

If the prompt message says both your phone and SIM card are 4G ready, then you can go ahead and switch to 4G.

You can also get a prompt saying your SIM card is ready but your phone is not, then you would have change your phone to the brand that supports 4G.

However, if the prompt says your phone is good to go but not your SIM card, you would just have to pass by a Vodafone office to get your 4G sim.

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