I’m one of the most dynamic artistes in Africa, says E.L.

Ghanaian rapper, E.L., says he is one of the most gifted artistes on the continent due to his versatility

Award-winning Ghanaian hiplife musician, E.L., has said he considers himself as one of the most dynamic artistes in Africa.

According to the “Me na bo po” hitmaker, he goes beyond the microphone to exert his prowess in production from video directing to music production.

Speaking on Asaase Radio’s drive time show, Rush Hour, with Elvis Crystal, E.L said: “I could very well be the most dynamic artiste on the continent because it’s about more than just the microphone, it’s about everything around. So, when it comes to production, I’m all in. When it comes to video direction, I’m all in and different things, I go the whole nine yards.”

Known in real life as Elom Adablah, the artiste said he rarely rely on others during his music production.

“Maybe a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer or a keyboardist whatever, yes. That one, I can’t do that one… Besides that, it’s just me,” E.L. revealed.

New Single

E.L. has released a new single, which is already a banger ahead of the Christmas Season after going through the tough period of the raging COVID-19 pandemic. He titled the song ‘Still Pupping’ and was produced by Pee.

“I just figured that it’s been a crazy year for all of us. The COVID, the lockdown, the masks, the segregation, social distancing, the lack of human contact, it’s just been crazy. So, I just thought it is Christmas time now, let’s dance, let’s party as hard as we can, as safe as we can by the way. This is a club tune, this is a straight dance tune,” he noted.

Collaboration with Andy Dosty

Recently, one of the highly revered entertainment presenters and DJ, Andy Dosty, released a song titled “One Love” featuring E.L. and Kidi. E.L. told Crystal how their collaboration came about, adding the video of the song is ready, but yet-to-be released.

Andy Dosty
Andy Dosty

“That was a song I had recorded a while ago with Pee in New Jersey and he (Andy Dosty) asked for a track, he wanted us to do a song together. So, I sent him that song and some others and he picked that one so I had him come to the studio. He did his verse and basically the rest is history. We had Kidi singing the chorus, Kidi added his verse, it was just a nice flow and a nice vibe. The video is done so it should be out soon.”

Album Cooking

The “Fefefe” hit maker has confirmed he is yet to release an album dubbed “West Africa Vybes Waves”. The Album, which has a fusion of music genres centered in Africa will be released in 2021.

According to him, the album at the moment has 14 tracks, but may be adding more tracks.

“West African Vybes Waves is my next album. It was supposed to come up this year, but because of the deals and the stuff, I had to push it back a little bit so next year, before March ending, it’s going to be out.

“It’s got a bit of everything, it’s got Afro trap, Afro Pop, Afro Swing, Afrobeat and everything so it’s mainly centered around the sound that we love in West Africa.”

The Businessman

Apart from going to the studios, performing on stages and entertaining fans, E.L. revealed on the show that he runs his own advertising company.

“I have an advertising company. We do corporate branding, we do advertising, we do different things. It’s just been a hectic year for me personally and stressful. I don’t like stress that’s why I live outside of Accra. People had to prime me out of my home and do stuff so I try my best. Fortunately, I have a few support systems around me that make sure that I am very happy, very comfortable so I guess I’m lucky on that. I use my platform to help other people.”

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