Lost Sales! Lost Opportunity to Enhance Revenue

I recently visited a shop in one of our State of the Art shopping malls to enquire about a device I was intending to buy as a replacement for one that I had unfortunately lost. I enjoyed the features of the device so much and was hoping to get that same product. I was told that the product was out of stock. Before I could enquire further as to available alternatives, the sales person quickly directed me to a competitor’s shop, which was a blocks away; they sold similar products and she was very confident that I could get what I was looking for.
I was not excited about been directed to another shop, I had a pressing need and entered the shop hoping that need would be met. I wondered whether the shop doesn’t stock a substitute, which I was certain they did. At least, she could have attempted to offer me an alternative and let me be the judge to decide if I’ll take or not, instead of instantly directing me to a competitor’s shop when I had chosen to acquire the product from them. This is lost sales and in effect lost revenue. It is obvious that I’m not the first customer to be shown the door by an ill equipped sales associate who fails to grab a God given sale opportunity.

Every lost sale negatively impacts the bottom line, and retail outlets are losing huge daily revenues because sales associates who are paid to sell lack the skills and zeal to perform the role. Directing a customer out to a competitors shop is like indirectly telling the customer “thanks for dropping by, but we don’t need your money”, and effectively letting out fish that has been caught up in your net!

How often do you invest in quality training time for your staff? The retail industry is constantly evolving, with new competitors, changing customer demands, and product lines. The skill set of your staff should be upgraded on an ongoing basis to overcome obsolesce. Staff training should not be reduced to a routine procedure as part of your orientation program. There is a great danger in training only once and expecting staff to use common sense to deliver thereafter. There is a huge limit to what untrained staff can deliver. Grab the opportunity now to polish the rough edges of your people.
Register them now for a unique experience on the Ultimate Retail Success Training Program.
A 2 day training session to cover critical aspects you need to know when working in modern retail operations.

A Retail Training Course in Session

Topics include
• Minimizing Fraud & Stock Shrinkage
• Sales & Marketing Techniques
• Customer Service Excellence
• Shop floor Behaviours, etc.
• Nature of Retail Industry in Ghana

Dates are 27th to 28th September, 2017 at Logos Business School, Manet Junction, Spintex Road.

Course Fee: GHC300 per person

*Discounts available for Businesses registering more than 3 persons
Who should attend?

Retail Shop Attendants, Sales associates & representatives, Customer Service associates & representatives, Cashiers, waiters & waitresses, hotel receptionists, school leavers aspiring to work in retail, other interested individuals

NB: Lunch will be provided. Certificates will be awarded and Job opportunities may be available to some participants

Click here to register online or Call 0201196080 or 0247247200 for further details
Some testimonials received from previous training participants…

The training session has helped identified some flaws in our culture and this will help in the change process.

Selina Danquah, Shop Supervisor, Baatsona Total Supermarket

More of such training should be organized to broaden our knowledge. It was a very successful seminar. Very informative and practical training
John Afotey, Retail Warehouse Supervisor

It was a perfect training. I’ve gained a lot of ideas in my role as a shop supervisor
Samuel Wilberforce, Mart Supervisor

These among others are some testimonials we have received from participants of past training programs.


Author: Amma is a Lead Consultant and trainer with M-DoZ Consulting. Kindly contact her on 0201196080 or email for further information or contribution.

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