Inspirational Wisdom For Today (IWFT):

The biggest challenge is to have the courage to start.

At the initial stages in pursuit of your dreams, many will not understand your vision and hence are more likely to make sarcastic and discouraging statements about your vision. Bear in mind at the beginning, you will never see yourself moving forward, as any progress will seem insignificant. At this stage, it is more likely their discouraging statements will start echoing but remember a stagnant and challenging moments at the start of the journey is part of the journey to your destination of success. Hence as a custodian of many challenging experiences, that will prevent you from seeing from far but your resilience will take you one step at a time.

Whether you see far or not, be at your best in 2016. Don’t settle to be good, but be at your best at all times. Be uncomfortable with your comfort zone and push till something happens.

It is always possible if only you believe.

Oscar Bimpong​
Double R.E.E.B.A Award Winner

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