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NDC youths light up Wa with novel campaign tactics

In Wa Central, the NDC is adopting new campaign strategies to win over more voters to the party in the lead-up to the 7 December elections

The youth wing of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Wa Central constituency, Upper West Region, has moved from organising big rallies to meeting voters on the streets to preach the manifesto of the party ahead of the 7 December elections.

The youth wing stops drivers and pedestrians on the street to talk to them about the NDC manifesto.

Abdulaih Ibrahim, the youth organiser of the NDC in Wa Central, said members are able to reach out to many more people on the streets than by mounting campaign platforms. 

Wa Central NDC

Speaking to Asaase News’s Upper West regional correspondent, Ibrahim said mounting a campaign platform is a disadvantage because it is the same party members who come to such events every time. On the street, however, you meet all sorts of people who will listen to you.

Reach out to grass roots

The NDC youth activist said the strategy is to make sure the grass roots get the message of the NDC.

Wa Central NDC

On the streets, youth activists are carrying placards which advertise various thematic areas of the party manifesto, such as the “Big Push” and the promise to “pay all assembly members”.

“I’m a driver, and the way they are going about their campaign is making an impact on me,” one man told Muniru Ibrahim, reporting for Asaase News.

“Now, they are going around with placards of some of the things in their manifesto. I think it is good, because I have not seen the NPP people doing this here.”

Wa Central NDC

According to residents, taking the campaign to the streets offered them an opportunity to educate voters about some of the promises made by the NDC in the lead-up to the 2020 elections, because they will not have the time to read the whole of the NDC manifesto.

Muniru Ibrahim, Asaase News Upper West regional correspondent

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