Otabil tells youth: Don’t just read, write

Motivational speaker, Dr. Mensa Otabil, wants to see more African youth going into writing to explore their imaginative skills

Motivational speaker and founder of the International Central Gospel Church, Dr. Mensa Otabil, has urged the youth to cultivate the habit of writing.

Speaking at the launch of ‘Jungle Dance’ – a novel by Petra Aba Asamoah – Dr. Otabil acknowledged the literary work of some African writers, explaining that they have contributed immensely to the list of timeless novels.

He said having more writers will be a plus for the African content. He noted that the love for literature among the young should go beyond reading.

“Looking at the African literature that started in the late 50s, 60s and sometime into the early 70s, you’ll get amaze of the volume of work that was done and, especially the age ranges of the brightest. To think that Achebe wrote ‘Things Fall Apart’ at 26 and still it’s a classic all over the world.

“It’s important to have young people do that. And for all of you who are young and or consider yourself young, and have a love for literature please don’t just read it [but] write as well,” the Ghanaian theologian stated.

He, however, admitted that the business of writing does not really pay, but insisted that should not be a deterrent to young people who desire to explore their imaginative skills in writing.

He therefore urged them to start on a modest note.

“You may not write a full book but you could do a short story and then grow from there and probably do a collection of short stories. You could do stories for kids, you can do all kinds of stories for our community. We need a reading society,” Dr. Otabil said.

Other dignitaries present at the book launch were the immediate past chair of the Electoral Commission, Charlotte Osei, Diplomat, Dr. Ekow Spio-Garbrah, Motivational Speaker, Rev. Albert Ocran, among others.

Jungle Dance

Author of the book, Petra Aba Asamoah, described it as a reflection of her corporate journey of almost 17 years. It tells the story of Bose, who is a mother and a wife and how her family rallied around her to support her on her journey.

It also tells the story of Yomba, a younger woman, who makes all the mistakes that a typical young person makes in their corporate life. In short, it captures feelings of despondency, rejection and confusion interlaced with the triumphs,
friendship and love that two women experience in their corporate journeys.

The Author

Asamoah is a marketing practitioner, who has transitioned successfully from a frontline sales role through the middle belt of supervision to the executive level of strategy in sales, marketing management, business development and customer service.

Petra Aba Asamoah, author of Jungle Dance
Petra Aba Asamoah, author of Jungle Dance

She holds a Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), UK, an MPhil in Marketing from the University of Ghana and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science also from the University of Ghana. She is also the Author of ‘Sales 101: What everyone needs to know about sales.’

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