Ken Attafuah denies allegations of voter suppression

Attafuah, the National Identification Authority boss, tells Kofi Abotsi, host of Asaase Radio’s “Town Hall Talk” that the accusations are based on no evidence

The executive secretary of the National Identification Authority (NIA), Professor Ken Attafuah, has rejected allegations of voter suppression through the National Identification Card, known as the Ghana Card.

The NIA and Professor Attafuah have been criticised for proceeding with registering residents for the Ghana Card while the coronavirus lockdown measures were in force.

Others, such as the opposition National Democratic Congress, have also accused the NIA of deliberately suppressing voter registration.

However, Professor Attafuah, who was speaking on the maiden edition of Town Hall Talk on Asaase Radio, rejected the allegations.

“The allegation that there is deliberate voter suppression is repudiated. I mean, it is most unfortunate. There is no foundation to it.

“Conjecture and speculations don’t constitute evidence. However, I agree that there were areas in this country, where the registration figures were far lower than what we had expected,” he said.

Vouch for others

Asked why registration figures were far below what the NIA expected, Professor Attafuah revealed that some commissioners of oaths had abandoned post.

“In some places, the commissioners for oaths who should have been present to serve as a truth anchor for people’s identity claims were not there.

“We had provided a bus, a means to convey the workers from Accra to the registration centres,’’ Attafuah told Town Hall Talk. ‘‘All other persons were at post but when the commissioner for oaths is absent, nothing can be done for those who need to be vouched for.

“So when this happens, naturally, you will suffer,” he said.

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