Harmonious Chorale promotes peace in 7 December poll

The group gears up to perform at a concert to promote peace and unity in Election 2020

The Harmonious Chorale, one of Africa’s leading choral groups, will host the second edition of the “Ghana Our Motherland” concert to promote peace and unity ahead of the 7 December poll. 

The concert, under the theme “Ghana to the World”, starts at 5pm on Sunday 25 October 2020 and will be streamed live on the group’s YouTube channel.

The first “Ghana Our Motherland” concert was in 2016 – also an election year for Ghana. 

On Friday (23 October) listeners of Asaase Radio enjoyed melodious tunes from the group as a precursor to the main event today. 

Harmonious Chorale at Asaase

Speaking to Asaase Radio, Emmanuel Osae-Nyarko, the public relations director of Harmonious Chorale, said the concert is “a way of adding our voice in promoting peace and unity towards the elections”. 

Promoting Ghana’s rich culture 

The Harmonious Chorale seeks to showcase to the world the rich culture and tradition of Ghana, using choral music as the medium.

Through performance, the singing group wants Ghanaians to feel “a sense of unity, courage, ownership, patriotism, commitment and stewardship for Mother Ghana”. 

Osae-Nyarko says the group will be performing Ghanaian songs which will promote “the works of Ghanaian composers” in various Ghanaian languages, including Dagbani, Ewe, Ga, Twi and Fante.

Harmonious Chorale

Osae-Nyarko said, “The songs we will be singing will be songs of hope, patriotism, and peace.” The group will also perform some “traditional folklore songs that we loved during our childhood days”.

“We are going to see unity, togetherness, courage, sense of duty and commitment towards Mother Ghana,” Osae-Nyarko said. “So that is the kind of impact we will want to make.”

The Harmonious Chorale Ghana is a multiple-award-winning, non-denominational choir, established in Accra in 2005 as a quartet, which turned into a fully fledged choir in October 2007.

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