Ghana’s trotro soon to see digital revolution; says Vice President

The Trotro, Ghana’s populous means of public transport is soon to have digital innovations in its operations. Ghana’s Vice President reveals that we’re soon to see a digital revolution for Ghana’s trotro.

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia further revealed that the revolution commences from January 2020. According to the Vice President , Authorities are soon to roll out a digital system which will enable passengers ascertain the status of commercial vehicles prior to boarding. Passengers can thus use their phones to check which bus or commercial vehicle ( trotro) is properly insured or registered before they board them.

A means to verify registration and insurance status of commercial vehicles

He made the submission at a reception organised by the National Insurance Commission (NIC) on Wednesday December 11, 2019. The new system will function through an integration between databases of NIC and the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Authority, DVLA. Hence the joint platform will enable individuals to verify vehicle registration and insurance status of commercial vehicles. They only need to key in some details of the vehicle in question in order to access the relevant information.

He further mentioned on social media that “…the database of the National Insurance Commission (NIC) and the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Authority (DVLA) will be integrated and go live in January 2020. This will complete another plank of the Digitisation Agenda of the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo administration,”

As a matter of fact, this digital system will be a good check on unscrupulous tendencies of commercial transport operators in the country. The successful implementation will be a step in the right direction, to promote decency on our roads. It will also help to seal loopholes that allow for revenue leakages. In that, it will help detect fake registration details, by which certain vehicle owners evade paying import tax obligations to the state.

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