Court discharges three more alleged secessionists

Twenty-two out of 51 alleged secessionists were on Wednesday (4 November) discharged by an Accra Circuit Court

An Accra Circuit Court has discharged three more alleged secessionists to have participated in activities aimed at seceding parts of the Volta Region from Ghana.

The suspects are Bright Sosu, Desmond Sosu and Francis Kudjo Wor.

They were originally part of a group of 27 alleged secessionists who were charged with conspiracy and treason felony, among other crimes, and for allegedly being part of an organisation that sought to form a breakaway country to be called Western Togoland.

The court, presided over by Rosemond Baah Tosu, had earlier discharged 22 of the accused persons who belonged to another set of suspects who had been arraigned.

The court discharged the three after the prosecution presented a new charge sheet that excluded them from a new list that contained the names of 24 accused persons.

The prosecutor, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Sylvester Asare, told the court that following investigations, the prosecution had dropped charges against the three.

The court consequently discharged them.

“Illegal meeting” 

Prosecution’s case is that Charles Kormi Kudzordzi popularly known as Papavi is the leader of the accused persons who had trained about 200 youth to take up arms to fight for their struggle.

As a result, the group has been moving from one place to the other and their leaders have been meeting illegally at Afefe, Mepe, Juapong, Nyatekpo, Aveyime, and other towns to achieve their aim.

The prosecution said Agblorm and Lawrence, are active members and they are also national executive members of the Western Togoland Foundation.

Sosa was an active member who was mandated to educate and enrol more members from the Northern Territory especially Ewes.

The prosecution said Kpevu denied supplying them with arms but admitted providing with funds to enhance their activities.

In September this year, the leadership of the group organised a riot and blocked two major roads at Juapong and attacked drivers at State Transport Corporation (STC).

On 25 September, this year, accused persons dressed In Western Togoland T-shirts armed with guns and cutlasses, went amok and blocked roads.

The accused burnt lorry tyres in the middle of the roads and prevented people from accessing it.

The prosecution said the accused displayed their flags amidst chanting ” We want freedom”, and they also engaged the military in a fierce gun battle.

The accused were, however, overpowered and arrested while others escaped.

On 29 September, Afeku and Adri in the company of others at large demanded the ignition of some of the buses at the STC terminal but they were denied.

Accused then set ablaze two buses at the STC terminal and went into hiding. Police intelligence led to the arrest of the accused at their hideout.

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