15 awesome gift ideas for your loved ones this Christmas

This article will help you to discover some interesting gift ideas you might find useful this Christmas

This year has been very eventful; more so with the outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic and Ghana’s December general elections. Through it all; the good, the bad and the ugly, the year is slowly but surely ending.

Christmas is here and going the extra mile for someone comes with the season’s tidings. As is typical every Christmas, shops are displaying the most exciting, eye-catching windows of the year, and buyers are presented with a motley of things we don’t necessarily need, but want.

Giving is synonymous with Christmas because it reminds us of the presents the Three Wise Men gave to Baby Jesus – Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Many of us will be giving out presents and hampers to others in the spirit of Christmas. But picking out the best gift for your loved ones at this time can be daunting and even exhausting to say the least. Do you have an idea of your gift list this year yet or are you still contemplating? Then stress not, read on to discover some interesting gift ideas you might find useful this Yuletide.

Be a philanthropist

Put a smile on someone’s face this festive season. Visit the hospital; be it public or private, and foot the bills of stranded patients or nursing mothers who have been detained for their inability to pay their hospital bills. This gesture could be a major relief and make their Christmas a memorable one.


Books add to our knowledge; giving us information and insight on theories we would otherwise be ignorant of. If the person you want to give a gift to this Christmas is a lover of books, presenting them with one – the kind is relative to what they normally read – might be a nice option. They will appreciate your gift and put it to good use. “Books are a uniquely portable magic” – Stephen King.

A pet

Pets are adorable additions to the home. They are warm, fun and bring such joy to our lives. With all the stress and anxiety associated with modern life, owning a pet can boost the immune system of owners, help them relax, and even stop their children from developing certain allergies. Get someone a pet this Christmas – know which one they prefer – and help them live healthier.

Kente clothe

Ghanaians love our kente and over the years, people in the diaspora are beginning to appreciate its versatility and elegance. Kente not only add a touch of style and class to any occasion, but it’s also timeless. Gift that loved one a beautiful kente clothe this Christmas and they will smile and love it forever, knowing that you gifted it to them with love. You can buy kente from most African clothe stores in Ghana and beyond.

Beads and Jewelry

Beads and Jewelry are beautiful and ageless. They are one of the few presents that will remain valuable and cherished through the years. Be it a ring, earrings, a necklace or bracelet, any type of bead or jewelry is precious and its symbolism won’t be lost on the receiver. Each time they see this piece, they won’t help but be overwhelmed with emotion. Spoil a loved one this Christmas with that beautiful and time transcending piece of jewelry or bead and they will always be reminded of you when they see it.


Shoes are practical and fashionable gifts to give someone this Christmas especially if they are a good pair. Here is why. You are adding to their wardrobe, they will enjoy them, they can wear them everywhere and they will remember you for it.

Art piece

Art pieces are a great investment in the future, for the person you’re buying them for. Gift an art lover a gorgeous piece of art this Christmas and they will always appreciate the unique creative. You can also personalize the art be making a portrait of the receiver.


We live in an era of data and speed so to buy a gadget that accesses the internet for someone this Christmas is a boon they will no doubt appreciate. This gift will be a link for them, to contemporary forms of learning, entertainment and also social media. And the best part is, there are phones and laptops of many brands and prices that you can select from.

Portable Bluetooth speakers

In this day of technological advancement, a portable Bluetooth speaker will be a perfect gift item for the music lovers. This speaker is very handy, plus it can play both pen drive and memory card. It is reasonably priced and is available in the market in all cell phone and phone accessories stores. Buy one for someone this Christmas and liven up their holidays.

PlayStation 5 (PS 5)

The PS 5 will make an exciting gift for any enthusiastic gamer this Christmas. The latest PlayStation features some extremely thrilling and cutting-edge internal technologies, such as WiFi 6 and the Tempest 3D audio engine – an engine that makes use of Synergistic Processor Units (SPU’s) and not seen since the Cell processor in the PS3, making it a nice gift choice.

Kitchenware and appliances

Kitchen utensils of any type can also an awesome gift to give out this Christmas. Why? Because they are available in most chain department stores, they are relatively cheaper, they are long lasting, the person will put it to use, especially the cooking lovers and most significantly they will always see it, serving as a reminder that you care.

Glass sets

It’s Christmas and everyone will certainly take a sip of wine through the holidays. The taste of wine is heightened in a nice-looking glass. Give someone a nice set of glass and heighten their wine drinking experience as they toast to new beginnings with their close ones through the holidays.

Drinks and liquor

Christmas holidays come with a lot of festivities. With all the accompanying parties and toasting, drinks and liquor will not be out of place as gift to someone this Christmas. Find a quality brand of liquor and drinks, and present it to a loved one to help lessen their budget for drinks during the holidays.

Customized coffee mugs

We all use mugs for drinking tea and coffee. You can gift someone a personalize coffee mug with their names or simply some nice printing on it that they will love very much.

Christmas gift hamper

This is an assortment of items put in a gift basket and parceled as one hamper. You can include some chocolates, fruit juice, wine, biscuits, toffees and/or anything else as you please to make your basket ricer and nicer.

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