African Lioness Roar‬: Funke Opeke

 There are some amazing African Women entrepreneurs now beginning to grace the global business stage. One of the unique features about the women that I have highlighted, is not simply that they are running good businesses, but it is the fact that these women are not restrained by the fact that these are areas normally associated with men.

Consider Ms Funke Opeke of Nigeria. She trained as an engineer in ICT, and then worked for over 20 years in the telecoms sector. In 2007 she decided to start her own business. She set up a company called Main One Cable which built an undersea fibre optic cable which links Europe and West Africa. The cable runs over 7,000 km on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Her project cost more than $250m and she managed to raise all the money, even though she was a first time entrepreneur.

Remember what I said before:
“Provision follows a truly great vision”.

Ms Funke Opeke showed that a woman of determination can do anything a man can do.
Believe me, what this young African woman did many woman entrepreneurs in the industrialised nations of the West, America or Asia have yet to emulate.
Salute this #AfricanLionessRoar.

Google her to learn more about her amazing business career.

__Mothers tell your young daughters, “there is nothing you cannot do. See, Funke built a fibre optic cable linking Europe to Africa!”

To be continued….

Source: Strive Masiyiwa

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