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Government has no plans to privatise KIA, Adda assures GACL workers

The Ministry of Aviation refutes claims by workers of Ghana Airports Company Ltd (GACL) that the airport and firm are to be privatised

The Aviation Ministry has refuted claims by workers of Ghana Airports Company Ltd (GACL) that the organisation is to be privatised or sold by government.

According to Minister of Aviation, Joseph Kofi Adda, although some investors have submitted proposals to provide infrastructure support for the company, there is not yet any agreement between the parties.

Some workers of GACL held a demonstration on Wednesday 8 July 2020 to kick against what they say was government’s plan to privatise the company.

The workers said the government was planning to hand over the company to a Turkish investor, a move the workers say would result in job losses. But at a press briefing today, Thursday 9 July, the Aviation Minister said the claims by the workers were untrue.

“There is no planned sale of the Kotoka International Airport or any airport asset in Ghana. There is no privatisation of the Ghana Airports Company Ltd in any way and there is no management takeover of the GACL.”

Aviation feels the pinch

Adda also refuted claims of pending layoffs. “But for COVID-19 and its adverse impact on the aviation sector, there would have been more recruitment needed as the expansion works at Kumasi, Tamale and Sunyani are ongoing,” he said.

The minister assured the management and staff of GACL as well as the general public that the KIA and GACL are not for sale.

“They are encouraged to endeavour to engage management and the ministry for better understanding and appreciation of issues before taking it out to the public domain. This is the only way they can present issues from an informed position,” the minister said.

Asaase Radio / Nana Oye Ankrah


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