Uber Ghana unveils medical insurance cover for riders at no extra cost

Popular ride-hailing service, Uber, has unveiled an insurance package for passengers who use its services in Ghana.

According to a release by the company, Uber has secured a partnership with an insurance firm, Old Mutual,  to ensure that passengers involved in motor accidents while using the services are now covered against medical treatment costs.

This insurance package, the company explained, covers all riders at no extra cost.

The release stated that “If an accident happens On-Trip, this cover reimburses you for medical treatment costs (e.g. X-ray, operations, medicines) up to a capped sum. In addition, this cover reimburses ambulance service costs.

Also, in the very unfortunate event of loss of life as a result of an accident On-Trip, this policy provides a lump sum payment to beneficiaries of the deceased rider(s).

In addition, the policy will provide riders who suffer a permanent disability as a result of an accident, a lump sum payment with the amount based on the severity of the disability.

“If you are hospitalized for more than 48 hours as a result of an accident that happened On-Trip and are thereafter unable to work because of those injuries, this policy covers the provision of a daily payment for up to 30 days whilst you are medically certified by a Doctor as unfit to work,” the release said.

The release urged riders injured in an accident while on-trip and want to get help with medical treatment costs, to use the in-app claim form or contact Old Mutual Ghana.

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