Digya National Park: unpopular but oldest wildlife park in Ghana

Digya National Park is the second largest national park and the oldest protected area in Ghana. It was created in 1900 and given national park status in 1971.

The park, located in the Brong Ahafo region was officially gazetted as a national wildlife park as far back in 1971, despite the fact that it has been existence for over six decades.

Before it was gazetted, humans settled on the park, engaged in livelihood activities like farming but now Digya National park is an animal-only inhabited park.

With regards to wildlife population, the Digya National park is home to several animals, especially rare primate species, antelopes and Elephants. The park is also a habitat to more than 200 species of birds as well as butterflies.

The Digya National park is also known to be the park with the second highest elephant population in Ghana, making it the immediate park for everyone anticipating to catch a glimpse of elephants.

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