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Boadu: Akufo-Addo at number one on NPP ballot makes campaign easy

John Boadu says Akufo-Addo’s place at number one on the presidential ballot paper makes the NPP’s campaign for the 7 December election easy

John Boadu, the general secretary of the New Patriotic Party, says the NPP’s position in the top slot on the ballot paper for the 7 December presidential and parliamentary elections will make campaigning easier.

He was speaking in an interview this morning (Wednesday 21 October) with the host of The Asaase Breakfast Show, Kojo Mensah, following an exercise by the Electoral Commission (EC) to decide the position of political parties and candidates on the ballot papers for 7 December.

Boadu also argued that the number-one slot will be strategically important in reinforcing the message of the NPP government’s achievements and will help it renew its mandate.

Pole position

“Positions on ballot papers in all elections are very critical … more so when you have a lot of political parties which may have presidential candidates but don’t have parliamentary candidates,” Boadu said.

“With the number-one position, you have all your parliamentary candidates on the ballot placed at number one. And it makes it easier for us to campaign, because there are a lot of things in this country [where] the NPP government is number one in delivering those things.”

President Akufo-Addo emerged as the top candidate on the presidential ballot paper for the December election after balloting at the EC on Tuesday.

His main rival, John Dramani Mahama, representing the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), took the second spot.

“Four sight” or “one-derful”?

The NPP general secretary said the party had wanted the number-four slot to help reinforce its “4 More to Do More” campaign message. Nevertheless, the party knows that, no matter where it is placed, it can communicate strategically and win over voters.

Boadu said the NPP can be credited as the first political party in Ghana to roll out a raft of interventions and policies.

“The New Patriotic Party … has implemented the biggest educational intervention in Ghana since independence, which is benefiting close to 1.5 million youth. It was the NPP government alone, when there was this pandemic (COVID-19), that provided free electricity and water for more than six months,” he said.

“It’s the NPP that first implemented the National Health Insurance Scheme – and even when the scheme was about to collapse, we came back to save [it] and it is up and running. It is the NPP that has implemented the biggest intervention in the agricultural sector, which is Planting for Food and Jobs,” Boadu said.

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