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In our Startup Boss Series, we caught up with the CEO of She Stores, Sarfowah Aggrey. Here is her mission “To promote made in Ghana, made in Africa goods for women and we want to be an ambassador to showcase African brands across the world.”
This among other dreams the CEO of this budding enterprise believes not to compromise on quality but offer on the promise to the customer to keep her in business. With funding coming from family, friends and her personal savings, this young entrepreneur is bent on leaving a mark on the fashion and accessories retail space here in Ghana and on the continent leveraging on the power of e-commerce.

Read her interview with Paa Swanzy-Essuman below.

Paa Swanzy-Essuman: PSE

Sarfowah Aggrey: SA

PSE: What was your first job?

SA:  I worked as an IT lab assistant at the University of Ghana ICT Directorate whilst a student.

PSE: Why did you venture into the e-commerce space in Ghana?

SA: Entering into the corporate world I realized there was little time to do many things much less shopping for items. I resorted to finding items online to save time and I heavenly enjoyed the convenience it came with. As a business minded individual I always wanted to set up a shop selling ladies items and just as I enjoyed the convenience of online shopping and knew others just like me will enjoy it too so instead of going for a physical shop I opted to set up an online shop which I have never regretted. It was a cost effective way of starting up

PSE: What part of the job keeps you awake at night?

SA: Because I mostly use social media to advertise I need to stay up to be interactive with clients. No matter the time of day I try to be available to answer questions and take orders. Also I plan what to post, I post at least once a day and I plan what to post and how to caption to reach more people. Studying and researching also keeps me up because I sometimes have to use a cheaper internet option to cut cost…

PSE: Who had the greatest impact on you career-wise?

SA: My parents

PSE: School or work place, what place has prepared you for leadership?

SA: Work place; School prepared me academically but work has shown me the practicality of leadership and this started right from my national service days where I had to work as a marketing manager and Sales Trainer (even when I felt I wasn’t ready)

PSE: How did you fund She Stores Ghana as startup?

SA: I funded my start up from my little saving plus some help from close family and friends.

PSE: What will be the story for She Stores GH in the next five years?

SA: She Stores Ghana seeks to promote made in Ghana, made in Africa goods for women and we want to be an ambassador to showcase African brands across the world

PSE: What is the best professional advice you’ve ever received?

SA: To never compromise on Quality, believe it or not people pay for quality not quantity

PSE: How do you manage teams?

SA: As it stands now we a team of 2 Myself and Lexy’s Collection. I’m still putting together a solid team and anyone who feels can contribute to the growth of She Stores Ghana is welcome to do so.

PSE: What is your message to Ghana’s aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs?

SA: Never give up, the beginning is always the hardest!  Make the mistakes early and learn from it.


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