How SMEs can take advantage of Uber’s launch in Ghana


Hello Accra, Uber is in town! Accra became the 427th city across the world to enjoy the ride-sharing services of Uber and the 7th in Africa. Uber has entered the Ghanaian market to provide convenient cab ride services to the over 2 million urban dwellers in the metropolis.

Over the weekend, the US based Transportation Company provided free rides from Thursday till Sunday midnight with a trip limit cost of GHS 20. Their base fare is GHS 1.70 plus GHS 1.30 per kilometre and GHS 19 pesewas per minute. The minimum fare the service costs is GHS 5 and GHS 5 as well when a booking is cancelled.

The adoption of every new technology presents disruption to old businesses as well as opportunities for new ones to flourish. Uber’s launch in some cities across the world has caused revolts and resistance from local cab drivers due to perceived unfair competition. So what does an “uberized” Accra mean to businesses, small and medium enterprises (SME)? 

Here are some of ways Ghanaian SMEs can take advantage of this service to boost their businesses.


One of the biggest challenge for SMEs is delivery of their goods or services to a distant consumer at an affordable cost and timeliness of delivery as well. The explosion of specialized delivery services in Accra are addressing this challenge. The downside however is the cost of these motorbike delivery services. For instance, it costs averagely GHC 20 to deliver a product across accra even for a book that is sold for only GH15. Uber services have the potential of overcoming this challenge with a cost sharing model. SMEs can integrate uber’s api into their existing apps or website. After an order is placed online, Uber sends it to the business and the estimated delivery time also sent to the customer. Uber locates a driver in the vicinity of the business hailed to the location of the delivery to pick it up and drop it off. The cost is shared with the uber customer and the SME

Uber for food delivery

Restaurants can now easily rely on Uber’s transport service deliver their foods at relatively cheaper costs. 

Restaurants can also provide a value added service by inviting families in a booked ride for a dining experience. This will create an awesome experience for people who would want to enjoy the best culinary services but are constrained with the inconvenience of getting back home.

Uber for Fashion delivery

Few things are more annoying than the delay of a fashion designer at a time you need that outfit most. Admit it. One of our chronic challenges with fashion designers is mostly timing and delivery in Ghana. With Uber, Fashion Designers can now take advantage of have a reliable transport system to deliver their products and services without constraints as before.

Uber for book and stationery delivery

Imagine sending that special book gift, flower or stationery to your loved one across the city at a very moderate cost. Uber’s service will enable book shops and publishers affordable delivery especially for ride-sharing options in real time.


What about giving your program speakers, delegates or participants a cool ride to your event venue all at a cost included in your event package. Imagine that convenience. Who wouldn’t want the exclusive service of attending an event and having no worries about transport back home?


Medical centres can now afford the cost of arranging transport for their clients and have it easily receipted for accounting purposes. How would you feel if your hospital booked a free ride for you to have your monthly check-up? Now that’s a loyalty experience.


SMEs without cars can now deploy their staff strategically out on errands without incurring huge costs due to the nature of Uber’s service. You can arrange and give a ride-sharing option to your staff from point A to point B without the usual high cost charges. Two workers who live closely can also book the same ride to work reducing the cost and traffic in the city.


Authors: Brain Dzansi and  Cherubim Amenyedor (Dunamis Global, Author, Digital marketer)….

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