5 high salary jobs that are in demand in Africa

The rate of unemployment in Africa is high, hovering between 12% and 14% in sub-Saharan Africa.

People who are able to get jobs, however, still look out for better salaries and working conditions. Acquiring a well-paying job can be very difficult, especially when talks about jobs that pay well and those that do not continue to cause controversy. In order to choose your career wisely, here are 5 high salary jobs in Africa to consider.


In Africa, entering into politics is one of the fastest ways to acquire riches and wealth. Members of parliament, governors, senators, and the likes are well-paid. Others such as analysts, political activists, advisers, political commentators are also making big cash out of politics.

IT Manager

More organisations are seeing the need for technology occupying key areas of their operations and hence there is an increased demand for the IT managers and professionals in IT disciplines. In Kenya, people at the top of the profession can earn over ksh500,000 ($4,982) a month.

Specialist doctor (Neurosurgeon and surgeon)

Surgeons specialize in delicate operations on the sick and thus, they are among the list of the top paid jobs in Africa. In South Africa, depending on the rank of speciality, people in this profession receive between 476,000 rands ($38,034) to 616,000 rands ($49,279) a year.

Petroleum Engineer

People who work in oil companies are some of the highest paid. These companies are usually by multinationals and they pay their workers good salaries. Most engineers in Nigeria earn about N7 million ($19,425) to N15 million ($41,625) yearly. Due to infrastructural development, civil and structural engineers would also be smiling to the bank.


Most of the world’s billionaires are businessmen and entrepreneurs. Some of them have had to quit their blue collar jobs to start up their own businesses. In Africa, the same situation holds. Businessmen and women are among the highest earners. Aliko Dangote, the richest black man in Africa and Folorunsho Alakiya are both Nigerian business people and entrepreneurs.

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